“Play Golf??? From RM30 now you can play golf. Choose more than 48 golf course worldwide”

Witness & experience the thrill of a life time with one of the most realistic golf simulator in the world.

Golf Simulators

Anytime in any weather

Meeting Pot

Your chating place with friends,family or clients.

Cafe & Refreshment

Taste the finest coffe bean.

Welcome to Tropica Leisure Golf.

Tropica Leisure Golf’s Indoor Golf Simulators offer proven, reliable indoor golf technology. Each indoor golf simulator that we offer delivers a realistic golfing experience complete with detailed swing analysis on every swing. Owning a golf simulator is a great way to attract business clients, and an effective way to improve your golf skills, and a lot of fun too.

Get Started With Golf Simulators Today!

Be the first to tee-off and enjoy a real round of 18 hole golf virtually from 40 golf course around the world to choose from and enjoy many hours of fun, excitement and socializing with friends, client and customer in the comfort living room without the walk, sun, rain and lost balls. Don't forget to also indulge our specially brewed coffee and our limited selection of snack during your round of golf!

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